Conference Microphone

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Choose from two brands of premium and best quality conference microphone brands in the market today, both digital and digital. And analog

In terms of digital systems, we have chosen a brand that is closely related to Danish-origin audio and mic equipment, “ SHURE”  Conventech has selected the DC 5980P conference microphone system. service

With the small size of the DC 5980P. With microphone power control function And built-in speakers Convenient for installation without the need for audio equipment. It can be installed in a small conference room to a large conference room.

The operating control system of the DC 5980P is operated via software. And can be operated through a computer or a desktop. SHURE has developed more formats and functions for ease of use. And easy to control use while operating, for example, the chairman can control the participants mic on and off. Setting the mic to match attendees Choosing which speaker to speak before-after



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