ConvenTech company imports teleprompters Which is a technology that helps speakers speak fluently.

We went to visit a factory in the United States of America. And has an order to import teleprompter for 2 systems, which are President Prompter System and Studio Prompter System, depending on client requirement.

President Prompter

The style of use of the President Prompter is designed to support the use of articles. Example of use: Chairman of the opening ceremony, etc.

 President Prompter has three elements.

  1. The monitor is placed below the ground.
  2. Poles that can be adjusted to the height of the user.
  3. Specially glass

Studio Prompter

The vast majority of Studio Prompter are used for advertising shootings, product launches, news, filming, etc. Or even a TV show The type of camera suitable for use is VIDEO camera all of models , depending on the mirror screen size the user chooses.We import a Studio Prompter in 3 sizes starting at 17 inches, 19 inches and 22 inches. But the size differs in the distance of the user position and the camera.


Conventech has a team and technicians to advise on how to use it. Choosing the most perfect equipment Including providing services while during a job However, we would like to thank various agencies, both public and private. That trusted the team of Conventech and used our equipment.



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