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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

RIS substitute and complement hardware equipment.

They can be used for online events and webinars as well as regular on-site conferences with interpreters connecting remotely from the comfort of their homes or specially equipped studios.

We are experts in the technique of Simultaneous Interpretation and seminar. For more than 30 years we have never stopped developing the organization.


We are sales and rental meeting equipment with high quality.Our technician team has over 30 years.

SI is when an interpreter translates the message from the source language to the target language in real-time.Unlike in consecutive interpreting, this way the natural flow of the speaker is not disturbed and allows for a fairly smooth output for the listeners.

Power Vote  Wireless Voting System meets all the needs for hosting an interactive event, conference or meeting with simple configuration and easy installation without any network, wiring and construction requirements.

Technology allows you to read your lines quickly and without mistakes.  

The devices can provide in-depth information by audio, images. Visitors can self-guided tours for exploring the museum and listen to audio tracks directly by audio guide.

Set of tour guides for speakers and listeners. Serves to transmit wireless signals It is a device that allows the speaker to communicate so that the audience or tourists can hear what is being communicated.The tour guide system can also be a translation kit.

The conference microphone can control various functions such as the command on-off the microphone, the chairman, the use of the computer system. It can be set-up in meeting rooms and outdoor areas.

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